Dance - Ballet - Calisthenics  FAQs

Questions for Parents & Students

[+] How do I purchase the dance/ballet/calisthenic images?

A set of dance proofs from the day are provided to parents with an accompanied order form, enabling you to order at your own leisure. After making your selection and choosing your favorite images to purchase, simply post your order directly to our office with payment enclosed.

[+] How can I view the group photographs?

We provide large laminated posters of all groups taken for display in your dance studio. In addition, groups are also placed online on our password protected website, making them available for viewing. Please note that groups are only available online for a limited period of time.

[+] I lost my password, can you send it too me?

Yes we most certainly can, please contact our office on 1300 677 000 and our staff will organise to email you a password

[+] How do I fill out my order form?

Please follow the link below for directions on how to fill out an order form.

[+] What is the standard size for prints?

A 5x7inch image is a standard frame size. (13x18cm)

[+] What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept: Cash, Money Orders, Cheque, VISA and MASTERCARD.  **Please note that we do not accept AMEX or BPAY.

[+] Do you offer refunds?

National Photography has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can provide you with a full refund for all returned photographs.
There is no refund if you purchase Digital images



Questions for Dance Ballet Studio - Calisthenic Clubs

[+] Do you charge an attendance fee?

No, we don’t charge an attendance fee.

[+] What time do the Photographers arrive?

Approximately 60 minutes before the commencement of photographing. Please discuss this with our photographer as the requirements at each venue are different.

[+] How much space do Photographers need?

We have a number of studio solutions that allow us to cater for most space requirements; minimum requirement is 9mx7m for each set up.

[+] Can you photograph large groups?

Yes, we can. Please feel free to call our photography department to discuss your individual needs.

[+] Can I use the images you capture for my own website?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a selection of images for your studios’ use in advertising.  *CONDITIONS APPLY.

[+] Is National Photography insured?

Public liability covers $10 million. AS3760:2003 compliant.

[+] Have your photographers had a "Working With Children" check?

Yes, it is a requirement that all our staff have current ‘Working with Children’ accreditation.

[+] How do we make a booking?

Contact National Photography by email or phone our office on 1300 677 000.

[+] Do I have to handle photo orders and payments?

No, National Photography will post all orders to the parents and deal with them directly.

[+] Does National Photography sell the photos on the concert day?

No, we do not sell photos on the day of the concert.

[+] How do Parents place their orders?

Images are up loaded to our secure web site enabling Parents to order at their own leisure. Orders are then processed by our office Staff and National Photography will deal with parents directly from this stage forward.

[+] When will proofs (of the photos taken) be available for the parents/students to view?

Please allow five business days to process images and upload during peak dance season.

[+] How do parents get to see group photos?

We provide large laminated posters of all groups taken for display in your dance studio. In addition, groups are also placed online on our website, making them available for viewing by parents.

As a Deputy Principal, I have worked with National Photography for school photos for two decades. I have happily stuck with National because there is good communication, reliability and a good final product.

Mr Terry Caldwell ,
Deputy Principal,
St Paul's College, Walla Walla NSW
We care about the Planet and our environment, as such we increasingly buy green, use green and package green and look to make as many aspects of our business as green as possible
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