Bonuses for Schools


Giving you a more tailored school photography service

At National Photography, we believe in giving a little extra. That’s why we offer your school a range of add ons, some of them free of charge, to make your school photography experience even better.


 Earn commission on sales

We pay your school 10% commission on sales of photo packs


 Create custom photo packs

We’ll customise photo packs the way you or the parents want them


 Get your photos quicker

We’ll fast track all school administration or student orders


 Save time uploading photos

The DVDs we supply can be sorted and named to suit your database software


 Create a record of the entire year

We’ll supply a DVD of all class and co-curricular images taken during the year – perfect for your yearbook or archives


 Get an extra set of group prints – free!

We supply two extra copies of group prints, one for each class teacher and one for your archives


 Easily manage your ID cards

We’ll create bound booklets with your student ID images sorted any way you like. We can add bar codes for use in the library too.


 Customise your ID/library cards

Get your cards designed to reflect your school logo, colours and design. Read more about photography for ID cards


 Teachers, get a free copy of your class photo

We can create a staff portrait pack for each staff member too


 Don’t worry about absentees missing out

We’ll return to photograph students that couldn’t be there the first time


 Is there something you need that we don’t offer?

We’re all ears. Let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes


"Reliable, efficient and professional in every way".

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Donald High School, VIC
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