News / 30 July 2018

A Day in the Studio

One of the greatest benefits of our collaboration with and sponsorship of Melbourne City Ballet (MCB) is the opportunity to photograph their most amazing dancers.

MCB has in five short years established itself as the ‘go to’ Studio for Youth and Finishing Year students.

Part of the program for Finishing Year dancers is a Studio and on location photo day with National Photography.  These are fun filled shoots though it’s always cold.  Maybe that’s because it’s Melbourne!

Our latest session was at the MCB Headquarters in Coburg.  Their four large, purpose-built Studios gave us plenty of flexibility for the huge amount of equipment required to make it all happen.

This session was under the creative direction of Brendan Bradshaw (formerly of the Royal New Zealand Ballet [RNZB] and Queensland Ballet.

Brendan is a pleasure to work with and a joy to watch as he brings out the very best in the dancers’ techniques.

I have chosen these three images as examples of this wonderful day.

Featured are Jasmine Kyle and Jordan Butler.

Both are strong and beautiful dancers and they worked so well together as is reflected in these images.

Jordan has such a strong technique as well as athleticism and I’m sure we will see him move to a Major Company once he is finished this year.

Jasmine is wonderful and she radiate elegance and style in her Ballet.

I have singled out these two dancers but could have chosen any of the MCB Finishing Class.

All are superb and can be seen on our Instagram account

Melbourne City Ballet Amazing