Pre-School/EYC/ELC FAQs


Questions for Parents & Students

[+] How do I purchase the activity images?

A set of activity proofs from the day are provided to parents with an accompanying order form, enabling you to order at your own leisure. After making your selection and choosing your favorite images to purchase, simply post your order directly to our office with payment enclosed.

[+] I lost/did not receive my child’s activity proofs; can you send them out to me?

Yes, we most certainly can, please contact our office on 1300 677 000 or email us at and our staff will organise for proofs to be sent to your home address.

[+] How do I fill out my order form?

Please follow the link below for directions on how to fill out an activity order form.

[+] What is the standard size for prints?

A “5x7” inch image is a standard frame size. Plus many other sizes and Products

[+] What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept: Cash, Money Orders, Cheque, VISA and MASTERCARD *Note that we do not accept AMEX or BPAY

[+] Do you offer refunds?

National Photography has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can provide you with a full refund for all returned photographs.



Questions for The Pre-School or Early Learning Centre


[+] Do you charge an attendance fee?

No, we do not charge an attendance fee.

[+] What types of activity photographs do you take?

We pride ourselves on capturing all the adventures and joys of being in Pre-School and Kindergarten. A wide range of recreational photographs are taken, which include images of children engaging in both indoor and outdoor activities. We endeavour to ensure ‘parental satisfaction’ by providing them with an extensive selection of proofs to purchase from.

[+] What time do the Photographers arrive on activity photo day?

Approximately 45 minutes before the commencement of photography - we fit in with your program.

[+] Can I use the images you photograph for my own website?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a selection of images for your centres’ use in advertising. * CONDITIONS APPLY

[+] Is National Photography insured?

Public liability covers $10 million. AS3760:2003 compliant

[+] Have your photographers had a "Working With Children" check?

Yes, it is a requirement that all our staff have current ‘Working with Children’ accreditation.

[+] How do we make a booking?

Contact National Photography Event Images here or phone our office on 1300 677 000.

[+] Do I have to handle photo orders and payments?

No, National Photography will post all orders to the parents and deal with them directly.

[+] How do Parents place their orders?

A set of activity proofs from the day are provided to parents with an accompanied order form, enabling them to order at their own leisure. Group/class photos are available also online through a password-protected website for viewing purposes. Parents post their orders to National Photography and finished prints are posted directly to parents.

[+] When will proofs (of the photos taken) be available for the parents/students?

Please allow five business days to process proofs and deliver them to the Pre-School to be handed out to parents.


Just a note to say thank you to yourself, Peter and all the staff at National Photography.

 Over the many years that we have been dealing with National everyone has always been extremely professional and accommodating of our requirements.  There are many events during a school year Deb Balls, Award Ceremonies, Graduations etc. all of these have been captured by your staff and we could not be happier with the results.  Nothing is every too much trouble. The quality of the photos that you provide to our parents is fantastic, they love the presentation of them and in fact we have many who contact us to find out exact delivery dates etc. as they want to use the photos for gifts for Grandparents etc.  

 One event that our Year 12 students always look forward to is the Year 12 Group Photo Day - organising 220+ students in 40 minutes for one photo is not an easy task but your staff have always achieved the impossible - 220+ smiling students arranged in ways that amazes me every year.  Thank you it is a great memento of their 13 years of school.

 Your suggestion a couple of years ago of incorporating a flat fee into our school fees for photos was such a fantastic idea and all our parents are delighted that this in place.  Not only does this ensure that every student can receive their photos (no matter what their family financial situation at the time) but it really helps our staff not having to collect the money from the students and it frees them up at the busy start of the year to do what they are employed to do - teach the students.

 The recent decision by our Parents and Friends Association to book National as our Debutante Ball Photographer is another testament to how highly parents regard the product you provide.  Having used a local company for more than 25 years, it was a big decision for the Association to make, however they all agreed the quality of your work, the affordability and your professional staff made the decision easier for them.

 Please pass on our thanks to everyone at National Photography and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

 Thank you again and if you every need to refer a prospective client to me for clarification of anything please do not hesitate to do so.



Libby Bromiley
Deputy Principals' Personal Assistant

Libby Bromiley,
Deputy Principals' Personal Assistant,
Mount Lilydale Mercy College
Great School Portraits National Photography 1300 677 000
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